Yes, as there has been nothing much going on with the kiddo except more and more frequent shrieking and happier tummy times, I have no choice but to keep this alive with news of myself.

Well, we are almost there, at the 4 months mark. They say women starts to shed 4 months after they give birth. Most likely because of those bloody hormonal changes again, but yes I have been experiencing hair loss of late, I forgot what it was like. To see strands of hair in my hands after a bath.

Even though I complain about my hair growing too much (it is so thick my head can't support it's weight hah!) I am bloody annoyed. Not only is it grossing me out, I am hoping I won't go bald.

I am also constantly looking out for AJ's hair on her cot mattress cause umm supposedly she will also be shedding. Well.. At least not yet. No signs.

So, it was Papa J's first day at work.. So far so good, feels good to have a hardworking hubby fighting out at the front and me slogging behind closed doors.


Tried to keep AJ awake but Papa J was too late.. My baby is a terror when she is hungry or tired, just like me.




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