Milestone: Teething

The last couple of days, AJ started fussing a whole lot more.  I suspected she was teething but after reading up on it and checking with a few other mothers,  it made me think that it might be something else as:
1) There are no signs of a budding white tooth spouting out; Well actually there is, but it's the far end on her bottom gum, not the 2 middle ones that should be sported as her FIRST tooth!  I wonder why. 

2) It seem a little too early for her to be teething just yet;

3) She was drooling, and sucking more then usual but the doctor said it was also normal for babies at this stage to be doing all of that;

4) Her fussiness might be due to some thing else bothering her?  Maybe her hair wasn't combed as nicely as she wants, or she's hungry, tired or whatever a baby needs.
5) Started refusing milk - from bottle AND breast, I thought maybe she's just not hungry or it's the colic issue again.  This time, Ridwind didn't help.
Well, from a few days back she started fussing the moment I put her on the bed, she would complain really really loudly and she looks extremely annoyed so I don't have a choice but to take her out as often as I can (as she'd be on the carrier and she seem to be perfectly fine held) and she'll usually be fine by night fall, her evening schedule would follow as per normal.

Well, she wasn't suffering from the lack of sleep, she didn't seem to be in pain, she's fine when carried, she could still drink her milk. .

But earlier on, she refused her milk and started going "Uhh, uhh, uhh" even when carried!  Nothing would soothe her so Papa J decided to go get some teething gel.  While he was gone, she was groaning non-stop while I walked her around trying to comfort her.  It was such a heart breaking moment. 
Before that, she was still sucking on her teething toys and my finger and she got distracted, but after a while, I guess the novelty wore off and she needed more to relief her pain.  Because the pain was stopping her from sleeping and drinking her milk, she was just a whole lot of mess.

I felt so helpless and even though I know this is all part of growing up, I've never really seen her in pain before.  All I could do was sing and hold her as close as I could.  Sigh.  Thank God the teething gel worked.  Thank God.
Please tooth, please grow, please grow FAST.

I am prepared for my war.

Ok!  On a lighter note, we went to collect our Studio pictures taken when she turned 3 months old! Read more here:

When you have a family, they are your reason you keep yourself going everyday, they are the reason behind your smiles and tears.  It's different.  How life was before and after giving birth.  But I wouldn't change a single thing, I wouldn't click the rewind button (regardless of how dull and boring my life seem to be at times), I wouldn't trade the world for a smile my baby gives me. 

Life seem to be full of promise, it's never greener on the other side, I don't need all that green!  You're a rainbow! 

I love you sweetheart.  You're so precious to me.


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