Switch Me Off

You know how you wake up on the wrong side of the bed sometimes?

Yeah.  Today is one of those days.  AJ's sleeping pattern is slowing changing of late, she can afford to be up longer and requires more attention, obviously.  She knows how to be screaming her heads off for some Nursery Rhymes singing or well, just attention.

Papa J has officially started work a few days back and because he's not around, our -going out- opportunity has went down the hills.  I'm quite cautious when I take her out myself because I often find myself in a frenzy when I need more hands so I always plan around her meal and nap time, unless I'm headed to the Grandpa's place where I have plenty of extra hands to help.

Papa J is always the cool and calm guy and I'm like.. all over the place.  Where's her water bottle!  Where's her towel?  OMG! Where's the hot water?!  Haha, I'm exaggerating but with my messed up memory and an impatient baby, it sometimes drive me up the walls.  Oh yes.. I miss Papa J.  But he makes me so proud, working! So manly!  HAHAHAHA!!

AJ use to be sleep from 7pm until the next morning 8am, of course she wakes up for milk during the night but now I'm trying to keep her up later so that Papa J has at least an hour to play with her.  But I'm also quite reluctant because it eats in to my ONLY "adult/alone" time.  And of course, I have to be the one to nurse her to bed.  So if she sleeps later, I practically have no more private hours to speak of.  Which is really sad.

My daughter has also, like me, taken a liking to going out instead of being all cooped up at home.  Which is really good - because that's what I like too.  Minus the fact that almost 10kg of weight lands on my shoulders.  Ever since I gave birth, my shoulder has a mind of it's own.  It complains and grumbles and breaks down.  So I constantly have to send it for repair.

Today, she is 16 weeks old.

She loves her tummy time (only at selected timing), she is able to sleep up to 8 hours in a stretch (on good days), usually 6 hours.  Her latest hobby is putting her hands into her mouth, she is learning how to bat her hands at an object and hopefully roll over (1-way) soon.  Her favourite song is "1-2-3-4-5 Once I caught a fish alive" No idea what the bloody tittle is.  She loves it when I blow bubbles on her tummy.  She can conjure a bubble parade in her mouth and create a saliva waterfall all over her neck and chest - SHE LOVES IT.  Me?  Not very pleasant in my opinion.  She enjoys screaming at the top of her lungs (JUST FOR FUN - I am almost imagine our neighbour's worried look).  Oh!  She can chuckle and laugh out loud - literally, now! :)

Today, I hope God sends me some young, hip, cool, in the same ship young mother friends like myself.  

Gonna take the little chipmunk out to swim later.



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