Keeping in touch.


I've been keeping myself busy so I won't have dust accumulated on my hair at home.  Met up with the mumsie for lunch today at The new mall near our place, um, not very new anymore but it is my first time there!  I am very impressed! 

The Greenwich V has plenty of eateries and restaurants, it IS a mall made of diners really.  It has Cold Stone and Gong Cha and everything we like!  Papa J's gonna love it.  Probably gonna be our hot dinner spot after we shift in to our new place.  We had lunch at the Paradise Inn, sorry no pictures, too busy devouring my food.  Delicious, great ambiance, excellent service and very worth the price.  Papa J and I have been talking about wanting to try the one at NEX but we never really got to doing it. 


Went home, took a nap with AJ and guess what . .

We skyped with Papa J!

He's only gonna be able to play with AJ for 5 mins (and that is if she's awake as early as he is in the morning) for the whole of the next week so we decided to seek the help of technology.

She was just stoned and wondering where Papa's voice was coming from because I think our screen was lagging a little and I honestly don't know if she could see what's going on through an iPhone.  I'm sure she misses her Papa just like me.

She was giggling after I put down the phone though.  Hmmm.

Saw this on FB, I don't normally pay attention to all these almighty quotes that seemingly changes life but I really have to agree with this.

Our Sundays are very precious to us now, we got not enough time!! Haha!

Okay.... I am gonna pop 2 panadols and sleep.  Bloody headache, neck ache and backache is driving me up the wall!


PS: 1 more week to our 4th year anniversary!



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