Dear Daddy

How many years have it been?  I've lost count.  I think of you sometimes, mostly on special occasions.  You'd be glad to know that I am now married with a beautiful daughter and if you were around, she would have to call you Grandpa.  Her name is Avril, dad.  It means the beginning of Spring.

During my wedding, I didn't have you to give me away so I got Ah Gong to do it because he was the closest I have to a father.  He cares a lot, misses us too much (nags when we don't visit for a week), worries if we have enough to eat.  He have aged a lot, with a whole head of white hair but at 91, I would consider him at tip top condition.

I still miss you, wish you were to witness these good things in my life, wish you were around to see how Jarryl looks like and that he treats me really well.  Sometimes, he reminds me of you.  I think you'll love him too.  You'd be best buddies at the Karaoke and beer buddies (Uncle Peter and Uncle Michael are doing their job, please do not worry).  He loves AJ and I, probably no lesser then the way you loved us. 

We're all so big now.  Even our little baby of the family is growing out of her teens. 

Hey papa, I guess I just really wanted you to know that I'm doing fine out here.  Despite all that I've been through, the breaking, the falls and all the wrong paths I've been on, I'm still alive.  I'm more then alive.  I'm happy.

Thank you, for showing me how to be courageous and face life heads on even when the going gets hard.  Thank you, for silently loving us all those years you were around.  Thank you, for being the best father one can ever have.  Thank you, for thinking of us even on your death bed, I know how you feel now.  You must have had a hard time letting us go before your eyes. 

When AJ is older, I'd tell her heroic tales of your past and show her pictures of you.

Please don't worry, I haven't forgotten one bit about you. 

I love you pa, Happy Father's Day.


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