How do we deal with Goodbyes?
What are Goodbyes?

An end to a beautiful relationship, with a friend, a lover or sometimes even family.

Goodbyes are never pretty affairs, they usually consist a whole lot of raw emotions and a bucket of tears.  My first true encounter with Goodbye was the last day of my father's life.  It didn't leave a scar, it was all part of life.  I knew he was going to say goodbye, it was just a matter of time.

Was it hard?

It was.  Then it got easier, and easier and lastly, only memories were left.  Sometimes, speaking of my father still feels a little like eating War Heads.  Sour but sweet in the end.  It was good for him to go, to rest in peace with the Angels above.  It was better.

I've had a whole lot of "break-ups", be it with the ex-boyfriends or just normal friends.  It is often filled with anger, sorrow and indifference after.  When indifference kicks in, I still think of the good memories I have with these fallen out friends.  We did have some jolly good time after all. 

I guess this is why the wise men says "Time heals"

I agree.

Today, my eldest sister included us 4 sisters in a group chat.  She told us that she will be going to Vietnam at the end of this month for some 2 years.  Of course she'd be back to visit here and now, it is after all only a 2 hour flight.  I felt a little lost when I digested that news and surprisingly, all I could conjure in my mind were images of the past.

My memory of my eldest sister was .. well a mixture.

When I was a younger kid, all I wanted was to take advantage of my elder sister.  I would use her phone (I was too young to have a mobile so I had to use her lousy Sony Ericson's phone and because I had no one to text, I would just practice texting and writing nonsense on the Compose Message page. 

I would wear her clothes and we would take turns helping each other take pictures, when I look through my pictures now, I honestly think we look like Filipino maids. 

The day I moved out of my house, she was crying and hugging me telling me she loves me more then anything else and that her heart was breaking for me.

When I had my heart broken, the first door I would knock on was the main door at her house. 

My first clubbing experience when I was 17.

I guess I was like any other "mei mei", I just wanted to follow in my sister's footsteps.

My sister, being the oldest, cares a whole lot more about us then we, towards each other.  She's always the one calling to check if I was okay, why did I disappear for so long?  Do I have enough money? (When I was younger, now no more already :( )

I know for sure she would never allow anyone to bully us (She quite gangsta in her younger days one leh), she is almost never afraid to show her true emotions, she is kind, generous and loving.  Even though we've lived apart for the longest time and I know that she'd be back pretty often..

I just want to say, I will miss you dearly ah per.

Because you've always helped me out so much in life, sometimes I wish I could do more for you. 

So Dear Friends,

As my sister is relocating, she urgently needs some one with a loving heart and a comfortable home to look after her baby.  Wei Wei is a Pug, Australian breed, age 6, Male, NOT neutered, does not chew on furnitures and is trained to urine and shit on grass.  He does not bark.  He is overall a pretty simple dog to take care of. 

Please, please let me know if you are keen on taking over. 

She can pack and go any time but the only thing worrying her is her precious baby so if we can find a good home for him (it would be nice if you are also cool with her visiting him when she's back in SG), she can at least work in peace on the other side of the world.

 Thank you.

Cheers to the ones we love at home, the ones who have seen our naked butts and ugly faces when we cry.  To our family who loves us regardless and to our siblings who will always have our backs.  Tonight, I am thankful for my family.



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