Wedding Bells

Today, a very good friend of mine tied the knots with her other half. 
We were invited to witness their solemnization and I must say, it really feels weird seeing a friend I grew up with get married!  I cannot help but remember her, in her younger days (with a younger me of course).  Is this how most of you felt when you guys saw me walk down the aisle?!  I must say, me being me, my wedding day was the most emotional day in my life (besides the day I gave birth to AJ). 

Shareen Lee (Sorry, now Mrs Tay)

The day I got married, my mother looked at me and said "It's true, what they say about brides being the most beautiful.  You look beautiful today."
When I saw Shareen today, it was exactly what I felt.  I've never seen her this way before.  I couldn't help but exclaim at how grown up she is!  Or have I forgotten to look at her truly, all these while, refusing to grow up (Heehee, sounds very typical me). 
Have time passed us by that quickly already?  We were rebellious teenagers just yesterday and now, we're all ready to have families and children of our own.  It seem a little surreal and I was really close to tears when I saw her take that aisle.  I am so happy for her!

Many people don't understand the joy of getting married.  I never did too.
Until I got through it myself.

Marriage, to me, is a phase of life.  It is a life time of promise and commitment.  To always love and cherish, in good times or in dump.  It is never forsaking and always supporting.  It is finally being able to create a story of our own. 
Sorry I am so cheesy but I am just so happy whenever I see friends getting married too! (Actually, selfish reasons - so they can all hurry give birth and AJ will have more friends LOL)
Of course.. I am still in my "honeymoon" period of being married and maybe there would be all that steps to fall upon, make mistakes, arguments and nasty fights.. (Which is really the reality of a relationship), I am confident that we would walk through them just like we do all the time. 

 Forgot who gave us this jumper as a gift but it's so cute!  It is something I would wear. Haha!
 AJ and I
AJ and Papa J.
Tonight, I pray that all my friends gets the happiness they deserve in life.  Because most of my girlfriends are so darn awesome they should have even more awesome boyfriends/husbands.  Hahaha!

I was so inspired by S's wedding I went to re-watch my own wedding highlights again and again.  I'm crazy.  Okay, have a great weekend!

PS; Shareen, you have all my blessings with you.  Have a great night Mr & Mrs Tay! :)



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