I literally grew up reading and watching all the series of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter movies.  It is always an adrenaline to be waiting and go "YES! THE NEXT SERIES IS HERE! IT'S HERE!"  I remembered myself picking up any one of my Harry Potter books, reading them again and again, just because.

I'll never grow tired imagining the scenes that comes alive in my mind when I read them.  They were my best friends when I was in Secondary school, with so much of time to spare.  When I heard about the Harry Potter Exhibition coming to Singapore, I told myself I would be the first few to visit. 

And so we did!

The Harry Potter Exhibition is held at Marina Bay Sand's Art Science Museum, 2nd June 2012 - 30th Sept 2012.  Since it was a Monday evening, there wasn't much of a crowd (which was good), it is an hour walk through of the exhibit show casing almost all of the apparels, props (WANDS!!!), a slight peep into Hagrid's Hut etc etc,  I was dismayed when I heard that I wasn't allowed photography in the exhibit but of course , that is common sense isn't it?! 

I'm not gonna elaborate on what's in the exhibit because I don't want to be a spoiler for some die hard Harry Potter Fans.  But if I were you, I would pay a visit because it definitely wasn't a let down. :)  It brought back plenty of good memories.  One piece of advice.. wear something "Potter-ish" to take a great picture with the props they provide for photography!

It is not very expensive (in comparison with some other Singapore attractions), it is $20.00 per piece of 8R, $50.00 for 3.

We purchased one for keep sake:

Are you pure blood(s)?!

One mroe reason why I had so much fun:

Right to Left: Hazel, Annabelle (my youngest sister), Papa J, Me, G (SIL) and Joel (BIL)

 Granger fever.
 The trio.
 My baby sister.
Yes, we bought a "Muggle" T-shirt each.
The frog is real (I mean it's chocolate) btw. $6.00 each.

It was really yummy but I didn't buy it for the chocolate though, I bought it for the Collectibles Wizard Card!  I got Snape and Joel got some librarian, LOL.

 After which, we had so much fun trying out the Jelly Beans.  Vomit, Dirt, Soap, Earthworm, Rotten Egg. . . . . Go figure.  There was a whole lot of spitting involved.  I was a coward.  I was inspecting every jelly bean before I allowed it in to my mouth.  Haha!

AJ was taken care by my MIL - Thanks Mom once again if you're reading this haha.

Ever since I gave birth to AJ, I don't think I've been away from her for more then 24 hours and I know I might sound like I'm lying but as much as I love my free hands away from my baby, I'd almost rather be everywhere with her. (I didn't bring her because it was her bed-time and I didn't want to disrupt her sleeping patterns) I can't help but think about her all the time and trust me, all I wanted to do after the exhibition (after the jelly beans saga), was to rush back home and just be with her. (WHY LIKE THAT!! My MIL even gave us permission to not come home that night!! SIGH.)

Holiday confirm plus chop not possible without AJ.

Look at my Ms Grumpy!!  She was so tired that day, she swam only 15 mins

That might be because she was swimming in the big pool for the bigger kids, she is doing so well at swimming I am super duper proud of her! 

Anyway, today Papa J, AJ and I went to HDB Hub to sign our flat agreement, I feel so grown up paying ten over thousands for our down payment!  With our own money! (Ok CPF but STILL HARD EARNED OK!!)  It all seemed so surreal!  We have a house of our own!  (In 2 years time..)

Already thinking of how to decorate AJ's room. 

Yup!  This kinda summarized my two days.

So far so good. :)

I was looking at her this morning and I'm like .. now, this pair of eyes look very familiar.
Oh yes!  I've been looking at them in the mirror for 23 years now!



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