Let Go.

When I was pregnant, I told myself "I will never be like those mothers who just completely let go of themselves and walk around in slops."

Little did I know..

I try to be as adventurous as I can be. It is almost impossible.

Breast feeding number one limits the kind of clothes I can wear. Has to be low enough to be pulled down when i'm out, in the car.. Heck, everywhere even at home. My best bet? Tank tops.

It has to be comfortable, preferably made of cotton and has no sequins, buttons, Zips that will possibly scratch AJ's face/skin when I handle her.

It has to be cooling enough - erm, Singapore's weather? Enough said. Plus the fact that I can easily sweat a bucket just bathing her. After bath area is super warm - it has to be, no wind allowed.

My hair has to be all tied up, pony tail, no fringe please. I would go bald if I'm ever brave enough, the amount of hair I have.. I'm not complaining just frustrated when it's so messy and flying all around all the time. Wrong call to snip it shoulder length.

No make-up, bad for baby's skin. When I kiss her or hug her, I see shimmers from my make up sometimes? HATE IT. I am damaging her young skin! *cringes*

No perfume. Not at all. Actually I've never been a perfume person, I find it extremely choking sometimes. I'm quite boring. No loud music (in an enclosed area with no alcohol influence), no talking too loudly, no perfume, no lousy driving, I get headaches from all of the above.

All the cool moms you see clad in Prada and Chanel? Only happens to a) the rich b) a working mother (also needs to be earning more then enough) c)has a maid.

Sorry, no such luck for stay home moms who is at the same time, a maid, a slave (for your kid), an entertainer, a dishwasher, a nutritionist, a teacher, a wife, a cook (coming soon?).

At this point of time, I am silently chanting "exercise, exercise, Pre-pregnancy clothes, Pre-pregnancy clothes, slim down, lose weight".

But at the same time . .

I just came home, tummy WAS filled with dinner, expressed some milk. . And now, I am starving.

What am I gonna do? :(


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