The family went on a one day trip to Bangkok, Thailand.  We had to pick them up so we decided to shop around the area whilst waiting for their plane to land.  We took a trip to Ikea and ended up buying only baby's stuff.  Why am I not surprised?!

Being new parents, we are gaining more awareness of "baby friendly" facilities in malls, hospitals, baby clinics.  At Ikea (Tampines) today, we were nothing but impressed.

At the cafeteria, they had disposable baby bibs!  We encountered some super Kiasu mothers who took the diapers by the chunk to bring home.  There were two mothers (friends) who did the exact same thing one after another!  Birds of the same feather flock together..

I didn't take a picture of it, obviously have no use for it now, but it was so cute!  I thought it was really thoughtful of Ikea to provide such items for parents. Two thumbs up!

So.. after our tea break, we decided that it was time to change AJ's diapers.  We headed to a Baby's Changing Room Ikea provided and we were amazed!  It had EVERYTHING, literally, parents needed to change a soiled baby. 

 Left: Bed Linen (It is what we call an under pad) for hygiene purpose @ 20 Cents each. Right: Diapers (9-15kg) @ 50 Cents each.

 Papa J setting the Bed Linen, we actually have a portable changing mat but we just wanted to try it for fun.  Haha!
 This is perfect for breast feeding.  Only you have to be considerate on weekends because the queue for the baby changing room is atrocious.  There are 2 changing rooms in Ikea Tampines.
 A toy carrot in case you have other kids to entertain.
 A tap to wash your hands and a water cooler!  I didn't notice that at first and when Papa J pointed it out to me, I was like "WAH!!!!"

My sexy baby in a new jumper Aunt Rene bought :)  Thank you!

Papa J was exclaiming at how much she finally looks like a girl.  Maybe that's our cue - floral. 

I really am impressed with how sensitive Ikea is.  If I am a very blur sotong mother (actually, not if, I am), I would be eternally grateful to Ikea at desperate times.  Now that we know how much Ikea cares, we can have a much lighter backpack the next time we shop at Ikea! :)

I give you all the pop corns I can ever find, Ikea!

Today, AJ also did an excellent job at ..

 Lifting her head up high on tummy time!  She usually hates it and wails the moment I flip her upside down but she's such a doll today! :)
"Ta da ta da, Kung Fu Fighting!"

Sorry I am unable to rotate this picture!

I found this hidden jumpsuit amongst the bigger sized clothes (it is for Newborns so it's rather small, I'm pretty certain she will only wear this once).  The material is great!  It must be really expensive.  This is a gift for her turning one month and I have no idea who bought it for her.  Whoever it is, if you're reading this, thank you!  It is so comfortable I've decided to keep it forever.  (Just in case our next child is a ..... well even if it's a .... I am sure he wouldn't know it's pink just yet. *winks*)

It's the end of another weekend.  I hope you've had as much fun as we did!



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