I must blog.  Or I'd forget my days.

My memory has been atrocious.  Almost comparable with Singapore's weather. 

I've been wanting to dedicate a post to Papa J for father's day, I keep telling myself.. I will find the energy to do it tomorrow, a week passed and finally, I have the next few hours all by myself, even though I have feeling after completing this blog post, I'd most probably crash and pass out in bed until AJ cries for milk again.

So here goes.

"Dear Papa J..

In the past 3 months, I often catch myself thanking God for our union.  More then usual.  

Maybe this was all a mistake, maybe we did wrong in the first place.  But how could something so wrong be so right? 

In my sleepless nights and awakening moments, especially in the morning when I place AJ next to your sleeping face, I find myself wondering.. how did I get so lucky?  Is this possible?  To have almost everything I want in life.  This is enough.  This is more then enough, to fill a heart.

Thank you for constantly making me a better person.

10 reasons why WE think you rock socks as a Daddy:

1) Your hands are warm like it has been in the Microwave when you are above to apply Ru Yi Oil on to AJ's tummy.

2) You are like the Daddy Idol when you sing Nursery Rhymes to Baby AJ and I think she super love it because she's always chuckling and giggling when you sing with your overly action pack facial expressions.

3) You are a pro at changing Diapers - Enough said.

4) You are the pro in making formula milk. Um - that probably applies to everything I try to make edible. But hey! I'm improving ok! Or so I think.

5) You are always driven in to frantic mode when AJ cries - it means you care.


6) You always wake up in the middle of the night if you know I'm in emergency, low fuel mode. Which even though is rare, it is very sweet to see you cuddle AJ in your semi-trying to stay awake- face just that once.  

7) You always insist on the Best, and nothing but the best for AJ.

8) For always dolling AJ up (I swear I am all for comfort but of course that means .. BORING. EH, But being comfortable is most important what!! No?!)

9) You always carry the baby's bag/baby carrier with NO complains and insist I do not carry it because you don't want my neck to ache *happy sigh*

10) You love us!! We know!!

So there, I am so sorry for this belated "Father's Day" Post!

To compensate, I will post a super cute picture of AJ to redeem myself :


PS: I pre-ordered a ScrappyTale layout in a frame for Papa J as this year's Father's Day present.  Wanted it to be thoughtful and not branded without brains so here goes!

 So lovely right!  This is pre-framed, so this is placed proudly in our room now.. Still waiting for Papa J to drill a nail to hold up the frame.

Papa J loved it! :)

If you'd like to get one done for your loved ones .. you can visit: http://scrappytale.com/

Check it out!  It's great! :)



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