I want to kiss you underneath the stars.

Have you ever had an alone moment and the stereo starts playing a favourite song you haven't heard for a long time? It was a favourite song at the peak of my life. A stream of beautiful memories sneaked into my train of thoughts.. It was lovely. To feel that sort of happy again.

It was three minutes of returning to our dating lives. Just you and me. Papa J and I went through a hell lot of up and down, I'm sure all couples do. But well, what can I say? Our story's pretty dramatic. Papa J is my best friend. We could fart and stink the whole room up and laugh about it. He threw me into a box once and I got stuck in it. He laughed for a good 10 minutes before he rescued me. 

We love travelling. 

We travelled once every 4 months to a nearby country when we were younger and we never fail to do something stupid or have something bad happen to us during a holiday - like food poisoning and getting return dates mixed up - got conned half our money on our first day etc. We fight and learn together. 

We love singing and dancing (just put on a favourite track. I secretly think Avril has inherited our love for music) we WERE both vain like hell, we don't have much chances to be vain anymore. Haha! 

When Papa J knew me, I was already working. While he walked with me through the change of my companies, I watched him through his school days, army days and now working life. 

I always knew from young, my husband would be someone my age. So we could date, grow up together and grow old together. 

It's funny. It's almost as though we knew we were set for life because in this relationship, there's no pretence. I am at my ugliest and my best. I wouldn't care. Because I knew he wouldn't leave. I told
Papa J many times, that in whatever situation, good or bad, I'd always have his back. Not very true when we're arguing but um, you get the point. 

We're almost nearing the Fifth year of our relationship and to me, he's the closest anyone could be to me in my life. He is my family, my husband, the father of my children, my best friend, my lover and my soul mate. 

And that while we are dedicated to building a happy family, we must always remember that if there is no us - there is no family. That we should always be each others priority. It isn't easy walking the talk. Truth is, it is so damn easy to slip into the roles of being parents that we forget each other so very often. 

But it is moments like this in life, when you're alone and listening to a favourite song, you think about the person you love and those many happy times you have had together. 

It's nice to remember. 


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