I'm not perfect.
I'm a very stubborn person and I think I've got a very hard heart. I find it difficult to forgive and forget and I am really mean with my words. I am impulsive and irrational when I am mad. I am a control freak. I cannot accept being wrong. 

I am loyal and faithful. I trust. I love. I give the best to the people I care for. I make sure I give my 100 percent to the things that I do (and actually give a damn about), I try to be sensitive about others feelings but I am quite neglectful by nature and can sometimes overlook the big picture. 

I am impatient and emotional and a big Romanticist. I am a dreamer when I actually have time to dream. I am lazy when I can afford to be. Adventurous and sometimes a little loose up there. I like being outdoors and living my life to the fullest. I like to think that I am a badass but I'm actually really just a coward. I hate roller coasters and I'm afraid of ghost and haunted houses. 

I love to travel and I treasure my privacy. I like the feeling of being free and being able to do just about anything I'd like to do. I hate cooking because it makes me smell and splattering oil hurts but I know I have to learn. I am skinny by nature but I always like to think I have muscles hidden somewhere under those arms. 

I like to do everything myself because I like to leave feeling satisfied. I like to achieve. I secretly only feel sorry for homeless old people because they look so frail and sad. I hate to eat, I only eat to live. 

I am self centered and I am young. 

I am writing this post because while my life is about my child, I don't want to forget that I am still myself. 


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