Pancakes and Kangaroos, Gold Coast

On our third day, I suddenly remembered reading about Pancakes in Paradise whilst I was surfing about "Things to do in Gold Coast" but as we had limited Internet access, we decided to just give the GPS a shot and keyed in "Pancakes".  It worked! It was a 5 minutes drive away from our apartment and when we arrived, we were not disappointed.  It was really crowded, themed Hot Air Balloon, the restaurant was decorated in bright and chirpy colours and because there were so many families with children, it was a really happy place to be in. 

Seated for 10 minutes and having no one to take our orders really put me in a bad mood because we were rushing for our next attraction and I was starving.  Apparently, they have a list and they take orders according to who comes in first. (I was half pissed because I thought it was a racist thing).  

Avril was slightly cranky because it was way past her breakfast time and waiting was just not her forte so we decided to make fun of her and perk her up a little.

Look at this Cheeky face! When she scrunches her face up like that, her nose looks EXACTLY like her father's.

My little mini-me. We're gonna be best friends!

Sharing a treat!
We waited at least half an hour for our pancakes to finally arrive and I must say, the wait was worthwhile.

This is Papa J's.  It has four Pancakes and some special butter I think.  Sorry, too hungry, he took a bite before I could snap up some pictures. Haha!

My double Pancakes came with Ice Cream (Ice Cream for breakfast! That's every kids dream come true!), strawberries and cream. Their Pancakes were so fluffy and made to perfection, I can't stop dreaming about it.  Papa J left exclaiming at how it was the BEST Pancakes he has ever tasted in his life - and mind you, he is NOT a Pancake person at all, he doesn't even eat the ones at McDonald's.
If you're visiting Gold Coast - this is a MUST GO. (Probably a better idea if you head there on a weekday morning, we were there on a Sunday morning thus the crowd I suppose.  Also, they open really early so it's good if you're planning for attractions after breakfast.)
After breakfast, it was a quick drive to the Paradise Country, Gold Coast.  I was really excited about visiting this place because I've always had fond memories of my school trip in Perth when I was younger and when I read what it had, I was almost certain it was going to be a similar experience.

It was a nice quiet walk in, perfect for allowing Avril take her morning nap. We got our tickets sorted out (PS: I bought my tickets online, it comes with BBQ lunch at their cafeteria) and started our adventure!

First enclosure we went to, the Koalas were really active! We were there at the right time!
Hey sexy, I'm just chillin.

One thing I really love about Australia, they're so free with their animals! The Kangaroos are not confined, they're free to roam and whilst driving in, we saw how the horses each had an extremely big piece of land to gallop around.  It was envying, watching how free these animals were. 

The Kangaroos were very tamed, sat around and waited to be fed and patted. 

Not too long after, our princess woke up and Papa J took her to pat the Kangaroos, she was in shock when she woke up (WHY ARE THERE SUDDENLY KANGAROOS??!!).  I think she wasn't too used to having such huge animals around to pat as well but well, being Avril, she warmed up just fine and was quickly running around.
She was still refusing to pat the kangaroos so we decided that we would queue for the Koala Bear taking photo session (18 AUD) first and thank God we did because after we left, the queue was insanely long.


She got really excited while waiting to take pictures with the Koala Bear because I think they were at closer proximity and she was fully awake by then.

So there! We have a family picture with a koala Bear!
We went back to the Kangaroo enclosure and discovered that just by the gate, there was a big bin filled with Kangaroo food so we could feed them as freely as we liked.

We really had fun feeding the Kangaroos because Avril was so adorable, trying to whistle out of her fear and mimic what we were doing.  She was taking food out of the bag and throwing them right in front of the Kangaroos. She threw food out and kept returning to the bag for more food.  She was giggling and laughing, it was such a lovely sight to see her enjoy herself.


We finished up with the Kangaroos and moved on to our next stop. 
I'll carry on about our day on my next post.  Hope you enjoyed looking through our pictures! xx


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