Royce Kids Gym

I thought I'd take a break from writing about my (possibly) last holiday in a very long time and fill up this space with our awesome day. I'd never write about them if I don't do it now. Today, Leng and I took the kids to Royce Kids Gym located at Liang Court.  The last time we went there, according to pictures and memories, it should be about 5-6 weeks back. Sophie just started walking and Avril is extremely responsive now so it is a huge difference! 

The first time round, we had to constantly get them to play with the toys around because they couldn't seem to understand what was going on just yet.  But today, they made believe, trashed a Kitchen, swept the floor and hugged toys. Wow! How fast they grow! I was lamenting to Leng that once they pass their one year old birthday, they sort of just magically grow up and become a tiny adult, she couldn't help but agree.  Even more so after Sophie started walking. 

It was really fun watching them stand side by side, exploring and mimicking each other. Life's so much easier because we could afford to just WATCH them play at times. 

I really love Royce's make believe section because we were spoilt for choice! For the Kitchens alone, there were at least five sets, they had washing machines, baby area with milk bottles and change of clothes, cashiers, brooms and mops etc. It was exposing them to reality - the safe way. It also tells us just how much they have grasp through watching us in our daily lives.  

Master chef busy at work. 

They have swings for babies but Avril seem to have grown out of it or she's just going through a phase, I think she'd just rather be walking around. 

Royce is fully padded which makes it extremely safe for children of all age, the first time round, I couldn't make it in time to catch Avril sliding down on her own and as I died for a second and went to hell, she got up on her own just fine. (Of course, no child should be left unattended still) Their tables are also heavy padded, not just at the edge! The sides were mostly padded too. 

Avril feeding the baby! Btw, Avril can say the word Baybeeeeee when she sees a baby. Haha! It's so funny. When I asks if she wants to bring baby home, she always nods vigorously. I'm taking that as a good sign. :) 

They have a changing table just outside the play area, they even have toys hung up above to distract the kids. Biscuits were provided for guest and their staff always polite and friendly. They also have lockers for your bags while you play in there with your child/children. 

I always much prefer being outdoors and sweating it out but I must say, it's really nice to be able to let them run around and play independently while we practice eye power and catch up among ourselves - the adult way. If only it wasn't so far away from home. 

Visit Royce Kids Gym today! 


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