I will follow you into the dark.

Before I found my fellow SAHM(s) to hang out with, I thought I was doomed to living my every day in Serangoon Gardens. I also thought that I would slowly evolve into a "Huang Lian Po", that's the Chinese term for - Old Hag. I was wrong.  Not only do I fall asleep with this weird sense of satisfaction every night, I am actually exploring and experiencing life a whole lot more then before I became a Mother.  Contrary to what society thinks of SAHM(s) these days, we are not as ignorant and stupid as some people would like to put on such labels on us.  Even if I was taking on a desk job and gets paid decently enough to survive monthly, it does not mean that I would be capable enough to tell which are the money making investments or that I would be able to engage in even more intellectual conversations.

We still keep track of what's going on around the world (when the children are sleeping and hanging on to every precious moment we have with our smart phones).  Our children is our job and like Childcare teachers, we focus on nurturing and giving these budding little imps the best we can. It gets really tiring at times, waking at 6 daily and being on a 12 hour shift with an extremely active 15 months old but I love every moment of it.  It's funny how I used to think that I would allow a domestic helper to care for my child. Would it be the same? Most definitely not.

We visited the PasarBella, A'Farmers Market yesterday.  If you're all for the Organic stuff, it's the best place to visit because they have all the different Brands of Organic rice, pasta, sauces etc all in one place! Sorry, I'm not the most health conscious person around and I'm not crazy about going Organic so I wasn't too interested in all that stuff. Wine and Beer lovers would love it there because they'd be spoilt for choices.  They have a great selection of FOOD, Oh Glorious food!
Also note that if you happen to have seen similar brands outside, it is probably cheaper outside if you compare them. I noticed that the prices for some baby items were more expensive then usual but I'm not sure for everything else.


I was so tempted to just pick up on a little from each store and each off while walking but as usual.. we needed highchairs and proper dining area for the kids so we had to settle at a restaurant in the mall outside of the market.  Sorry, didn't get the restaurant's name but food was excellent and very affordable! 
We toured the market a little, settled for lunch and my baby decided to poop everywhere.  She had shit all over her shoes, her clothes... So please excuse her ill coordinated outfit after that.  Whilst Avril was napping, we found this amazing indoor playground! Kiddy Fun is located on the fourth floor of the Grandstand.  It's really good because they had a sofa area for parents to lounge around while watching their children play (for older kids) and they served coffee and other drinks.  It would have been even more awesome if they served decent cakes.

When I entered Kiddy Fun, I thought I died and went to heaven.  It is decorated in pastel colours and everything was so cutesy.  It was like a carnival come alive and the best part?  It's so well padded, it's a little pinch of heaven for toddlers and babies learning to crawl! My favourite was the Balloon area where they have balloons flying around in an enclosed area with fans above.  It was so cooling to be in and the kids went MAD chasing after balloons, crawling, falling and laughing.

They had a little merry-go-round area, a water-like trampoline, a ball pit and a soft blocks area.  This place is huge! It might be a little too big for my liking because I had to be chasing her everywhere. They really have a whole lot more to mention but we only managed to spend 45 minutes or so because it was getting late and we wanted to have some ice-cream before we left. Haha!  

The girls had lotsa fun, The Grandstand is like a baby wonderland. If I lived nearby, it would be my daily hang out spot! After our ice cream, we headed home and called it a day.  Another day well-spent! No Monday Blues at all!
Today, instead of our usual Tuesday Morning play date, I suggested taking the kids for a swim at Julee's instead. It turned out to be great fun because we had 6-years old Julia (a fellow mom's older child). I think I would really be enjoying life when my children are are the 5-7 years old age range.  I love their enthusiasm about everything! Sharing is a very important habit to cultivate from young. I love it when children share their day/life with me.  Every day when we wind down, I'd recap all that we did for the day with Avril and hopefully, she'll take this habit with her until the day I die.

When we came home from Julee's, we had a nice long nap and in the afternoon, we took a walk down Serangoon Gardens and played with the puppies at the Pet Shop in the neighbourhood.  That's 2 brilliant days in a row.  Who said we did nothing at home everyday? ;)


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