Paradise Country, Gold Coast

One of my most rewarding moments in Motherhood is watching my daughter take a dump right in the middle of the toilet floor - no pampers.

Back to our day in Paradise Country, after the Kangaroos, we headed for the Sheep Shearing Show & Ram Parade.  The shows were all hosted by the same few men, it is fortunate for us they were predictably funny.

A few pictures before the show started.

The only decent picture I got from the entire show because Avril was screaming her lungs out from start to stop.  They got the audience to stamp on our feets to get the Sheep moving and it was so loud Avril was in shock.  I literally sat out of the show with her to watch the lazy gazing sheep outside. 

We slipped back in for the last part of the show and managed to have someone take a picture for us with the sheep. 

Avril LOVES being on top of her Papa J, she laughs non-stop every time he throws her up there.
After the show, it was supposedly lunch time but we follow Avril's routine as per in Singapore time so at 1.15pm Gold Coast time, it was only 11.15am back in Singapore so it was still a tad early for her to have lunch.  We are not dead precise but it helps to wait up a little so she has space for her intended meal.
When we purchased the online tickets, they came with "Add-ons", Papa J said he didn't mind trying the "Opal Mining" option and since it was only an additional 5 dollars, why not!

Lady explaining to Papa J how it works.

So it goes this way, under each number, there should be a filled up brick size patch like the above picture.  If it is empty, then it is empty la, choose another one! Papa J chose number 23, I don't know why.  Random pick I guess. 

You wear a safety goggles (you can even take it home after) and a little hammer they provide to knock off the sand and you should be able to find a little opal covered in sand.

After you found it, you put it in a pail for a little wash.
There! We have our purple Opal. 
It was not as interesting as we thought it would be, it ended in 3 minutes top.  The Gold Mining at the entrance of the farm looked a whole lot more fun and it was packed with people.  The settings for the Opal Mining outside looked really cool though! It would have been a waste to not take some pictures here!

Upon exiting the cave, Avril got busy. At the farm, her favourite past time was picking up rocks and giving them to me. 

After Lunch, we went for the Billy Tea and Stock Horse Arena Show.
We were late for this show so we only managed to catch the Horse Vs. Farm Tractor part. It was a race between the both to see which was faster at collecting some flags placed by the gates.  Guess who won? ;)

They served little bun loaf like the one Avril is holding in her hands and it was so tough (I didn't like it) but she REFUSED to let me take it off her hands.  I think it was because she was teething and it soothed her gums. She hang on to it until the end of the following show and we were so worried the chickens running freely would chase after her so we held her up high the entire time.

See, the bun is everywhere.

After the last show, it was time to head home.  We fed her milk on the grass and decided that we would head back to the apartment for her nap while we took a short break. 

After Avril went to bed, I couldn't resist joining Papa J out at the balcony just feeling the breeze in our hair, watching the sun set. It didn't last too long for me, I can't take the cold!

On our way out for dinner, Papa J took out this adorable hat we bought for her during our shopping spree (we wanted her to wear this out for dinner because it was so cold at night) and I'm not so sure she likes it.

If you must know, we didn't make it out of the house with the hat.
Goodnight! xx


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