Mother's Day 2013

My second Mother's Day this year. 

Honestly, I didn't think it was any day special because I still do what I do everyday, only it was crazy hectic with lunch and dinner dates packed into this special day.  For all I know, it was more tiring then a normal day. 

This might come a tad late but being a Mother for coming 15 months and having another child along the way, life has taken a shocking life changing turn ever since I had that bloody (literally) baby plopped on my chest. My life revolves around this child and maybe to some people, it might seem a little too much.

But I'll tell you what is NOT too much.

It is waking up to a giggle or a cheeky grin every perfect morning.
It is getting a kiss at the end of the day that makes you feel so damn loved.
It is listening to non-stop blabbers and knowing that one day, this young one will learn how to communicate.
It is having your child hug your legs when they're uncertain, scared or happy about something.
It is being able to go on, regardless of how tired and sad you might be - I would never have the courage to go on with a smile.  I would have walked away without even trying.
It's crazy to know that one day, this little one will grow up and be a friend.
It is great.. to be wanted and needed. 

It's a wonderful feeling to be a mother. 
We made a life.  We are who this child will learn to model and take after.  It doesn't matter what anyone else says or do, we should be both law and love.
I love being a Mother.


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