Even with the house um mostly baby proofed, it is still up to our part to ensure that Avril plays in a safe environment. She moves so quickly now it is almost impossible to be sure a hundred percent. There are times when I'm packing the room, taking a bath, just unable to watch her for a quick minute.

We have baby gates built on each and every staircase in the house. Today, my maid went down and left the gate open. I was in the room taking something and baby was roaming free. I went out to her playroom and realised that my baby was missing. I rushed to the stairs - thank heavens NO baby. Hurried in to Joel's room.. She was happily patting on the Guitar Hero's drum set.

I swear my heart dropped and I nearly had a panic attack. I grabbed her in my arms and thank God. Went ballistic on the maid and I was so pissed off because when I told her off she just looked at me blankly and walked away.

Seriously, my tolerance for her rudeness is up at my throat. Argh!

Ok. Anyway, point is, we have to be extra x 39371849 careful with Avril.

On Sunday, we went to Chinatown and battled the crowd. It was crazy even though it was drizzling. Getting a car park lot was like growing a fruit on a tree. We waited so long in the car with a hungry baby we nearly went berserk.

We did have a very good lunch and desert. Also had fun pinching samples off the food stalls. Avril now has 4 sets of traditional Chinese New Year wear, watch out for her upcoming fashion show! Hehe.

It was fun to soak up the Upcoming CNY atmosphere but not so fun when we were all beat at the last part and changing a 10 months old baby's soiled diaper in the boot of an SUV is not funny.....

Super loving Papa J and AJ's pictures together! xx


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