Like a little butterfly

Today, we had an early celebration for Papa J's birthday because we didn't want to celebrate it belated with the family. We went to one of our favourite restaurant in town, Tonkatsu @ Ma Masion down at Mandarin Gallery, I'm a big fan of pork, and I swear this place has the best Tonkatsu in Singapore.

I might not be the best candidate to talk about food but judging from the comments my family gave, it must be pretty good. They are such foodies!!

Please give it a shot if you're around the area! Make sure you enter with an empty stomach! After that, we went shopping together at H&M, I know right such hippies the parents, we got some really pretty dresses for Avril to wear during Chinese New Year too.

Today.. She's a little butterfly in disguise. All thanks to my aunty Jennie - her grand aunt, haha I just needed to say that. Thanks for the lovely tank top with yellow wings. Needless to say, she was so excited with all that attention given from everyone!

Also.. She has a new trick now. She keeps playing with her tongue. Ah, I must have accidentally taught her that haha. Oops. Alrightly, it has been such a long day.. I'm gonna crash soon. Good night! Our weekend was beyond excellent, I hope yours was better.


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