Post 10.

Avril turned 10 months yesterday, we were busy fighting the bugs and viruses together. She was down with a cough and fever again, I can't understand babies fever. They are like the waves on a rainy day. Sometimes when I think her fever has subsided and I decide not to overdose her with pandaol, it almost always comes back with a vengeance. Like that damn bug is telling me "HAHA stupid mother, I fooled you!"

Anyway, she's just all round cranky when she's sick, demands to be carried all the time, vomits when she's eating, vomits after medicine, vomits during medicine.. It's not driving me nuts with the vomiting even though its so damn disgusting and smelly. I smell so bad now I can't even bear..... Ok anyway, it's just so sad to see my fat baby with a tummy grow so thin and small!! Her tummy is gone and she looks like she has lost so much weight!!!

So heart breaking.


Come on bug, leave my daughter alone already.

Also decided that I've been so lazy, so here are some pictures of her standing and sitting down like a pro. I have videos but ... Lazy. She started cruising non-stop (used to be a step at a time), now she's just walking with help all the time, left and right, left and right. Wee! So happy to see her hit her milestones and growing up so fine, makes me feel like I've finally done something so right in my life.

If I have the money and the capability, yes, I want a farm of children to raise and grow up with. :)


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