Reliving some fond memories

Today, I received a call from Papa J bright and early.  Here goes..

"Baby .. Uh.. Happy four and a half years anniversary." He said sheepishly.

I was struggling with Avril and her medicine but when I heard him say that I was grinning inside my heart. Haha! So cute and sweet of my dear husband to remember such trival dates (NOT TRIVAL but OK, I am very cool.)

So I said "Ok.......... Haha, aiya nothing big la." (also noting I was nursing a pissed off moment I had with him the day before)

Actually I am secretly very please that he remembered. 54 months into our relationship, it's not very long.. Neither is it a short period of time. We've been through a hell of a 54 months, fighting, making up, having a baby, getting married and all that jest.

Sometimes I can get so annoyed with Papa J I wish I could punch him in the face and laugh haha but most of time I love him to bits and pieces.. Maybe not very much during my period but well, you get the point.

He has never forgotten to tell me "happy monthsary or happy anniversary" for all these months and years and I hope he never forgets because it is on this special day of the month, we put aside all our differences and remember how we fell in love with each other.

We might be the boring boy meet girl, have baby get married story but life doesn't always have to be filled with war, blood and dramatic death to be fulfilling.

So tonight, I'd like to remember:

From meeting at a very ridiculous place and turn of events.

To dating very seriously.

To getting married.

Having a child.

Learnt to deal with pregnancy - the both of us.  He was a very lucky pregnant woman's husband.

To anticipating every month of my pregnancy.

Feeling the kicks and pain from carrying a child.

 To our big day.

Finally witnessing our first born.. it was such a beautiful sight.. nothing in the world can take these precious memories away from me.

Learning to be parents.

Celebrating surviving a month of being parents.

Watching our child hit her milestones.

Celebrating festivals together as a family.

Maybe life isn't gonna be "just us two" for a very long time until our children are all big enough to fend for their own and feed us. Maybe we can't go on a relaxing and diaper free holiday for the next 10 years or so, maybe we can't watch a movie in peace.. But what if maybe was more fun?

I had the best 54 months in my life and I hope we can spend the next 540 months together, still in love and rocking each others socks.

So dear Papa J.. My favourite pastime with you is singing and dancing in the car with the windows down on the expressway. Let us never stop and pass the tradition on to our next generation.

I love you so dearly.

Mom of AJ, wife of yours.


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