If you're happy and you know it

Today, my precious starting clapping to music off the radio, it was such a funny sight I thought I should remember it somehow. I wasn't able to record it because we recently took her child seat off (her stools leaked through her pampers - sometimes I wonder if we didn't put them on correctly or if her stools are just too overwhelming).

She was dancing to so many hippy songs I am glad we share the same taste for music.

Also, I have been experimenting with DIY fun such as cardboards as tunnels and there is a cardboard car for her to sit in, it would have been fun if she didn't keep trying to stand in it and threaten to flip 180 degrees outward. The tunnel is great! I clinged wrapped it and now am looking for other sort of fabric to wrap them up so she can explore with different texture.

Festive period over too quickly.. Now it's back to school next week. Grr, it has been such a nice long break from the gruelling stress to score good/at least acceptable grades. Anyway, we are going for our Gymboree class later! It is always the highlight of my weekend, I love you Gymbo!


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