X vs Y

Papa J turned 24 yesterday, I had a whole day of plans lined up just for him. We went for an iFly flight and it was great! I thought it was a tad too short per ride though. It wasn't as scary as I thought it'd be, you know the whole heart falling out of your throat kind of thing. Btw, I am typing this post zouk, I am kept awake from the excess dose of Redbull. Always have this issue.

Coffee, tea and Redbull just doesn't work for the sleep monster in me. Anyway, back to iFly, it was lovely to have some alone time with Papa J after so long, doing something new again as a couple. We also had a complimentary cocktail each and boy, I was feeling so nauseous and giddy after my drink! After such a long period of "healthy" lifestyle, my body just isn't accustomed to the bad vices.

The view up the iFly sky bar was absolutely fantastic, quiet in the sunny afternoon, it was nice, being away from the crowd.

We went home to my sleeping beauty, woke her up and took her the the raving Tiong Bahru Bakery for tea, it was really good! I understand why the craze. Lovely little cafe sitting along shophouses away from the hustle and bustle city. I'm sure Avril enjoyed her croissant too! Haha, don't worry.. It's just tiny bits of it.

After that we came home and rested for a bit, enjoyed an ice cream cake with the family and headed out to zouk. God! What happened to Zouk! Or maybe it's "what happened to US???!!!" We did not have fun AT ALL, music was just weird. I think the song I enjoyed most was the sentimental love songs playing in the taxi on our way home.

When I was younger, my father used to have the carpenters on repeat, and he never grew out of it, even though the world was constantly changing and there were new songs created everyday, he just seem contented listening to same old songs everyday. I wasn't complaining. I love oldies, I am pretty sure I developed a love for them because of my father but you know I think it's happening to us.

We decide on a kind of music genre that we love and we never go back, we keep wondering when are songs played during our "era" gonna be blasted through the hippie dj box but it just never happens. But while we were standing by the stereo box waiting, the younger generation (ahem we're not too old but it's either we have been out of the scene too long or the people now are changing too fast) were dancing like there's no tomorrow.

Gone were our days..it's nice to just sit down and talk about but boy.. I'm glad that phrase of my life is finally over. I'm happy to settle.

I always hope to find more love in Papa J (in the cheesy romantic kind of way) but I know that Papa J's love for us is not any less intense just because he doesn't show it or because he does it differently, yes, he is an ah pek now, his actions are of the C generation of showing love and I'm slowly starting to really appreciate it. :)

Love is when the other person's happiness matters more then yours. Love is when we sit down and try to iron out difference and tackle difficulties together as a couple. Love is when you listen. Love is when you empathise. Love is when we can live together and find joy in simple things like cherishing a day off, spending time with our daughter, telling cold jokes and watching a comedy together.

I don't think I'll find love anywhere else.

Love is here, love is where my husband and daughter is. And home, is where love is.

I hope that all of you out there find love, cherish love and act out love. I had a very well spent day.

Also, I kinda hate drinking now. I can't understand why we enjoyed all of that when we were younger, I think I grew out of being a bad ass because my new year resolution is to learn how to cook.

Happy birthday Papa J, you will always, always have us in your high or low, we love you very very much, you have been nothing but the best!


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